As the spouse of a Wounded Warrior ( May 2004 TBI/PTSD) my experience at Cedar Trails and becoming an active nudist and AANR member has had a very positive impact on my life and that of my husband.

Watching my hyper noise/movement sensitive and chronic pain burdened husband relax, to see his body language show his defensive posture lessen, and to see him genuinely smile was a gift from God.

I have watched him begin to trust people to walk up to him and not back away, and he now lets people touch him and even embrace him without jerking away or becoming defensive. But, away from home, only at camp does this happen.

We made the decision to leave our home of 20+ years, where we raised our family, a larger city of West Palm Beach, FL.  and move to a lesser populated part of the country. Both being from Ohio we found this area fit our needs.  Our hope was to find a more peaceful and slower paced environment to help with his PTSD and to make his limitations from his TBI easier to handle.

Being “at home” nudist we had never taken the time to join a club or frequent a nudist retreat before.  Taking a friend home one day to Cedar Trails Nudist Retreat in Peebles, Ohio we found a place to “try” and wanted to see if it would work for us. IT DID !!!!!!!!

Being in this peaceful setting with the kind of persons who greeted us with nonjudgmental and sincere acceptance was such a change from what the regular world offered. Here I can relax and know that I am able to trust Rob around the camp and he is as safe as if at home. Our CT family are all part of the best support group for him and help me watch him and help me keep him safe and enjoying life. But, best of all, HE feels safe at Cedar Trails. He is not constantly watching over his shoulder or always “on guard”. He does things at his pace and it is alright. He told me once it was because “nudist have no place to hide a weapon or explosive device, they don’t even carry cell phones to signal someone where you are to send in a strike” Here at CT there are other war/military veterans who also find peace here and are able to relax and be at peace with themselves and to enjoy the company of some wonderful people.

With the help of my sister Tonja and he husband Allen, who have also joined the camp, we started the café here. We wanted to be more involved and to get to know the members here better. It has been a wonderful three years doing this. Rob helps as much as he can and that has given him back a feeling of being useful again.

Although Rob still has “good” days and ’not so good” days he does enjoy his days at camp to the fullest. I am sure without a doubt that this life style has greatly enhanced my husband’s ability to enjoy life “Post War”.

What Cedar Trails Nudist Retreat and nudism has

done for me…

Coming through the gate and getting undressed is like not being trapped or confined anymore. When the air touches my body it is like getting a big free welcome from nature. Nothing else is like it.

It gave me a place to go where people are nice, and non-judgmental. It is in a nice place to relax and don’t think about being killed by anyone. It is to me what the Garden of Eden must have been like. Animals that aren’t afraid of you and they are at peace too. There is no discrimination over race, gender, religion, or financial status.  Everyone is the same and we all get along great together. I think everyone should try it at least once.

All camps are different. You may need to go to more than one to find one you really like and fit into. No one picks on anyone else for body size, scars or mental background.

I have met military vets here from WWII through Afghanistan. Some had never been to a nudist camp before. So far ALL said they would be coming back. It is really great to see my fellow soldiers relaxing and not being so “on guard” and finding a place of peace. It has been good therapy for me at Cedar Trails and more so to see my fellow vets relax as well. I feel like I have helped some of them, and hope to help more in the years to come. Love my friends. OORAH!!

We at Cedar Trails would love to see more Wounded Warriors and veterans visiting our club and taking a day, a week,  just enjoying the “Freedom to be Free.”

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CT wants to thank all the members and visitors for helping us be able to send over $3,000.00 to Wounded Warrior Project.

CT will continue to give a 10% discount for ground fees to veterans with proof of service.

Cedar Trails celebrated the Veterans for the fourth year this season  with a special “Tribute to Our Women” serving in the military.

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