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For Women Only

Why do women like to come to Cedar Trails?  There are many reasons but the best one of all is single or married women can come to Cedar Trails with the knowledge that:

You do not have to have a perfect body!  Everyone thinks that they are too fat, too skinny, have too many scares, too big boobs or too small.  The only perfect body is on the billboards.

Well, your body is not too bad and you are tired of being hit on.  At Cedar Trails this will not happen at CT. There is no one staring.

OK, you are single and would like to meet someone.  That's OK too.  Single males also visit Cedar Trails and I am sure they would like to meet you also.  Exchange phone numbers, meet back at Cedar Trails, and enjoy you're new found friend.  In a nudist atmosphere it is a little harder to pretend that one is different from presented.  We'd like to say, "what you see is what you get!"

You just would like a place to meditate, enjoy the outdoors, feel the breeze, sunbathe, just plan find yourself.  This is it!

Cedar Trails is NOT associated with any swingers groups.  If this is the experience you think you would enjoy there are other clubs where this is accepted.  If you are looking for that hide-a-way with your spouse or companion, CT can be the romantic spot, you have been looking for.

Through the experience of nudism the relaxation you will feel at Cedar Trails will result in one of the healthiest physical and mental lifestyle changes possible--total acceptance of who you are on the inside as well as on the outside.  You will be free of the desire to judge yourself and others on the basis of physical appearance.  You will feel at home immediately at Cedar Trails.


I know, you are the one bringing up the ideas and why would you be shy?

Most of the concerns that woman feel are also felt by men.  Many go nude at home but in social situation the anxiety is still felt.  It was your idea but suddenly when you arrive it is another thing.

Body images for men is also important. 

You may question, am I too small or yes, too big, is it OK to be shaven?  As with females men are equally accepted regardless of  their body built.  Nudity is a great equalizer and everyone is accepted by all.

The major question that we always get asked by men is;  what happens if I get an erection?  The answer is easy.  When everyone is nude in a normal setting of activities; swimming, playing games, hiking, or just relaxing it is non-sexual environment so this does not happen.  Usually if it does it is with a partner you are already in a sexual relationship with.  If this should happen, it is what a man does about it not that it happens.  Wrap your towel around yourself and remove yourself from the situation.  Jump in the water, (take a cold shower) or just take it back to your campsite in private.

Shaving has become a common thing to do for both males and females. 

Nudism it a great confidence builder and very few men have that body builder appearance.  Even though men may not verbalize  their looks as  females will do the concern is the same.

You are single, well, this is also fine.   Meeting a single female would be great.  Many clubs have a singles night.  We at Cedar Trails do not, but, if you would meet someone this would be great.

Cedar Trails is very accepting of everyone with an interest in nudism regardless of  sex, education, appearance, or scars. It is the best place to leave your worries behind, and make friends and "Enjoy life Naturally and experience  the Freedom"   Appropriate  conduct is the major rule.

Did I miss anything?  Let me know OK?

Cedar Trails is privately screened from the public view  and thus legal under Ohio law and the laws of most states. Nude recreation is becoming the recreation and lifestyle choice for most Americans every day. Surveys have shown that 15% have tried nudity in mixed company and 75% approve of nude recreation.

Will I have to be nude immediately and stay nude all the time?

At Cedar Trails we are very good at helping new nudists and we will give you plenty of time to adjust. The wholesome friendly atmosphere at our resort results in most visitors being nude sooner than later. You do not have to check your clothes at the office. However nudity is the norm when practicable and clothed only when necessary.

What about taking pictures and will my picture be taken?

Cell phone use is strictly prohibited in all common areas.  All phone calls must be made at your car,campsite, or in the office, away from other people.  While many nudists enjoy being photographed, many do not. This is always respected and photography is very carefully monitored. All cameras must be registered at the office and no one is included in any photograph (even in the far background) without explicit permission.

What type of People frequent Nudist Resorts?

All shapes and sizes, all occupations, ethnic groups, religions etc. Nudist find it easy to accept others regardless of physical shape, size or body condition. Children are always welcome and are an integral part of the nudist environment. Social class distinctions, often shone by clothes, disappear in a nudist environment. Relaxation, stress relief, positive body image, and increasing self esteem are just a few of the benefits of visiting nude resorts.

Is there anything special I need to bring to a Nudist Resort?

Other than your smile, towel and a sense of humor, not really. Cedar Trails is a resort campground / RV Park. You need the things you would normally bring; except for the large pile of clothes and bathing suits. Polite nudist etiquette means you always sit on a towel where ever you go; so a few extra towels is a good idea.

See you at Cedar Trails. 

If you would like to talk to a person, not voice mail,  give us a call: 10:00am to 9:00pm

937 764 1365

If we are out working on the grounds we sometimes cannot hear the phone.  if you leave a message we check the messages frequently and will call you back. Sorry for this, we hate voicemail ourselves.



                                                      Why go Nude?

Coming through the gate and getting undressed is like not being trapped or confined anymore. When the air touches my body it is like getting a big free welcome from nature. Nothing else is like it.